One of the Founder’s most prominent students, Aikido Shihan Mitsugi Saotome will be teaching the next Aikido International Winter Intensive seminar at the world-class Sirata Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The event will be held from December 26, 2015 to January 1, 2016. This will be the ninth year the event will be held at this popular location.

The kanji used on this web site was provided by Saotome Sensei. It is the character “Bu” which signifies “martial”, indicating Sensei’s emphasis on this seminar as a special event for intensive martial training. Sensei’s styling of the calligraphy also conveys the shape of “Michi”, the spiritual path of Aikido; it is Sensei’s wish that together we work to raise the caliber of the next generation of ASU Aikido instructors.

The seminar is proudly sponsored by the Jionjuku Aikido Academy of Warrior Spirit in Largo, Florida ( TheAikidoDojo.com – phone (727) 742-4861). Mats for the seminar will be provided through the generous contribution of the Aiki Shrine, Shindai Aikikai, Aikido Chuseikan of Tampa Bay and Sarasota Aikikai.

For more information, email us at info@nullWinterIntensive.com.