2010 International Winter Intensive


International Aikido Winter Intensive 2010


Saturday December 26, 2010 – Friday January 1, 2011

Please print and post a flyer in your dojo: https://winterintensive.com/2010WinterIntensive.pdf

Please join our facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69102821080

NOTE: Since we have not yet printed the t-shirts, we are extending the early registration until November 30.  Please register before then to get your much sought after camp t-shirt.  In past years we have only had a few extra and they sell out fast.

Mitsugi Saotome Shihan will be teaching the next International Aikido Winter Intensive at the world-class Sirata Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Sensei is emphasizing that this is a special event that will focus on intensive training, and the next generation of ASU Aikido instructors.

Everyone, regardless of their rank, is encouraged to attend this outstanding event.  You will not only have the chance to observe one of the most talented Aikido masters in the world, but you will also have the chance to train with many yudansha from all over the country and from overseas as well.

For serious Aikidoka there is the opportunity of very intensive training every day with numerous Aikido masters.  Serious or just a practitioner, this venue allows for you to take your family to a beautiful resort town on the beach and to enjoy both time training in our art and enjoyable time relaxing with your family by the pool or by the Gulf of Mexico.

There will be yudansha testing at the camp.  If you or one of your students are considering testing, please drop us an email soon so that we can make the proper arraingments.

Advanced registration is required to attend the 2009 Winter Intensive. Any names received after the seminar registration has reached capacity will be put on a waiting list. The fee for the seminar is as follows:

Seminar Only: $285 Per Person
This rate includes a T-Shirt if registered before November 30, 2010. This rate will increases to $300 on November 30, 2010.

Hotel Only: $119 Per Night Per Room + TAX
Per Day Fee: $60 per day.
Advance hotel registration is highly recommended. The special Sirata room rate of $119 / night (plus taxes) cannot be guaranteed past November 31, so we strongly encourage you to make a reservation now if you are considering attending the Winter Intensive. To reserve a room now, call 1-800-344-5999 and indicate you will be part of the ‘Aikido’ seminar / group.

Keep in mind, the hotel rooms can be comfortably shared by up to four people. Thus your cost for a full week of training with Saotome Sensei and lodging could be broken down as follows:

Occupancy: Single Double Triple Quadruple
Hotel:      $800  $400     $267   $200
Seminar:    $285  $285     $285   $285
Total:     $1085  $685     $552   $485

There are a variety of restaurants and supermarkets within walking distance of the hotel so a rental car is not required.

Registration, payment, hotel and travel information, and discussion forums are available on-line at http://WinterIntensive.com.

We’ve negotiated amazing hotel room rates for this season, the event is minutes from major attractions and is on one of the highest rated beaches in Florida. This is a great opportunity to bring the family!

If you have any questions about the seminar, please email info@WinterIntensive.com.