Welcome Party at Rum Runners

The first evening of the Winter Intensive will be celebrated by an informal gathering at the South swimming pool, hot tub, and Rum Runner’s Bar and Grill.  There’s no agenda and no schedule – just bring the family, and dress for the beach!

ASU Dojo Cho Town Hall with Board Members

This Town Hall will be the last formal opportunity for ASU Dojo Chos to meet the ASU board members, ask questions, hear updates regarding the initiatives and policies the board has been working on, and learn their plans for the future for ASU.  This is a closed meeting for ASU Dojo Cho only; however, a designated proxy or dojo representative will be admitted.  

Black Belt Testing

Yudansha (black belt) testing is scheduled, and will be presided by a panel of senior rokkudan, nanadan and shihan instructors. Candidates interested in testing at this year’s Winter Intensive should notify the seminar administrators – well in advance – at info@winterintensive.com and carefully read the Instructions for Candidates materials in the Forms menu.

New Year’s Eve Events