Winter Intensive 2021

This year the ASU Winter Intensive is going online!

Our goal remains the same: to continue to build on the spectacular success of previous years by listening to the feedback you give, making adjustments, trying new things, and continuing the tradiition of world class instruction by some of the best aikido tachers anywhere. This camp is designed to present the best and brightest that ASU has to offer the aikido world... and this year, we intend to make full use of ALL the potential of the virtual world to create a truly authentic training experience, online.

To help us achieve this, we are having a reunion of sorts, and many of our previous guest instructors have agreed to return to be with us again!

Saotome Sensei and the ASU Board are very pleased to welcome this outstanding roster of world class instructors:

Bill Gleason Sensei, Mary Heiny Sensei, Dan Messisco Sensei, Jan Nevelius Sensei, Chuck Weber Sensei, Wendy Whited Sensei

Lessons will include discussion and practice of the internal and external aspects of aikido, spiritual, philosophical, energetic, and physical principles. Applications to both open hand and weapons technique will be addressed.

All students of Aikido are welcome. Students of any affiliation or experience level will find new understanding and new challenges. Together we will renew our training and our aikido family.

Registration and other information will follow in the near future - please stay tuned! To stay informed when updates become available, please Subscribe below: