Chuck Weber Sensei

Two Swords (Fri & Sat)

The goal of these classes is to offer a practice structure for the 2 sword library taught by Saotome Sensei in Shobukan Dojo. There are few people left that attended class every day at the Shobukan during that time and had direct instruction in 2 swords from Sensei. Saotome Sensei taught us in the classic experiential manner. That means that Sensei did, we tried, and he often called us names. These are my ideas and interpretations about 2 sword work done regularly at Shobukan during this time period. I have found looking at other 2 sword styles helpful to explain what Sensei was doing with his swords. When studying Saotome Sensei’s weapons, please remember, to him it is all part of Aikido. Only the tools are different.

Download: Two Swords class notes (pdf)

Class 1 Videos

Class 2 Videos