Continuing Conversations

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

Inspired by Saotome Sensei’s belief that the purpose of Aikido is to “build better humans”, the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group invites you to participate in a discussion focused on supporting inclusion and diversity in Aikido. Facilitated by Senseis Robin Cooper and Garth Jones, participants will be split into small groups, according to their preference, to discuss one of the following questions:

  1. How does our understanding of how to adjust technique for a diverse range of ukes provide insight into diversity in a larger sense?
  2. How can we build a dojo where diverse groups can find a sense of belonging.
  3. How can we attract people of different ages, sexual orientations, race, economic backgrounds.
  4. What can I or my dojo do to encourage diversity

The Instructional Committee:

Saotome Sensei often boasts that he isn’t training students, he is training teachers. Being able to carry the teachings forward is essential, and all of us want to be as effective as possible in doing that. Are you interested in taking your teaching to the next level? Are you interested in developing your newer teachers? The Instructional Committee has been tasked with collecting ideas, methods, and research into a central resource hub that includes a modular teacher development program that can be adapted to any dojo’s individual needs and circumstances. In this session we will focus on the skills of teaching, as in pedagogy and methodology, and the role and responsibilities of a teacher. Participants will be split into small groups to consider and share ideas around the following questions:

  1. What Teacher Development Programs have you seen? tried? heard of? What were the outcomes? Please share your experience.
  2. Which areas of a teacher’s skill set are you most interested in developing? 
  3. Which areas do you feel would be most important for junior instructor development?
  4. How Might We Most Effectively Reach Our Audience and Provide Such Resources?

Significant points and ideas from these “Conversations” will be summarized and shared with the greater ASU community after the camp.