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ASU Office
“A Light on Transmission,” written by Mitsugi Saotome
In “A Light on Transmission,” Saotome Sensei conveys his profound experience of O-Sensei’s direct teachings, and in addition, his thoughts and opinions on Aikido in everyday life. In this way, the book offers us a path to individual spiritual transformation. Practitioners from any lineage will benefit from reading this book.

ASU patches, handbooks, etc

Stephen Fasen
Unique one of a kind pieces for you, or your dojo. From the spirit of mokuso, stillness and silent introspection with a cup of coffee in hand, or aided by a unique addition to your kamiza.
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George Ledyard
Aikido Instructional Videos from senior ASU teachers. Preserving the instruction from Saotome Sensei and his top students for future generations

Christine Lee
Unique Martial Art gifts, specifically Aikido mugs, t-shirts and ornaments that cannot be found elsewhere

Carrie Matteoli
Aikido related art, in the form of an Etsy site, and tshirts in the form of a Redbubble store

Jan Nevelius
DVD by Jan Nevelius Sensei and Frank Ostoff Sensei: “Uke Training in Aikido – Inspiration, Ideas, and Exercises”

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