We recommend that all travelers book their air tickets by October. December-January is a peak travel season for Florida, so the sooner you have confirmed flights the better — and cheaper — they will be. We recommend that you fly in to either the St. Petersburg Airport (PIE) or the Tampa International Airport (TPA).

If you are renting a vehicle or driving to the event and staying at the Sirata, parking for one vehicle is included. For all other Winter Intensive participants, the day parking fee will be $10/day, and the overnight parking fee will be $25/night. To avoid paying these fees, consider carpooling, or walking or taking the trolley from your local accommodations.

If you are looking to share a rental car, or find somebody who is renting a car, please post on our Facebook event page.

However, you should not find it necessary to rent a car. There are airport shuttles, and taxicabs/uber/lyft etc. available to get you to the hotel, and there is also an inexpensive trolley service that connects to many restaurants, beaches, and attractions once you are at the hotel. Plus, nearly everything you might want to get to is within walking distance of the hotel.

Maps of St. Petersburg FL:
Google Maps
Apple Maps

More information about St. Petersburg can be found:


Here are a few things to consider packing for the seminar:

Buki (weapons)
1-2 hakama
2+ keikogis
Quarters, detergent for laundry*

(* items marked by an asterisk will probably be available for purchase locally or at the hotel)
(** photography or videocameras are not allowed while class is in session without prior approval)